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Sallet One Completely open source code, let everyone rest assured

Release Time: 2021-05-14

Many digital currency cold wallets in the market will need to connect to computers or mobile phones and other devices when they are used. Even there are trojans or other illegal codes hidden in the cold wallets program, which makes it very easy for hackers and even wallet makers to upload your private key and steal your money directly.
Of course, wallet developers will say that they have been hacked and other excuses to shirk responsibility, but it's too late.
In order to let users really rest assured, Sallet one adopts the way of open source code to let everyone supervise the content of the code, and eliminate the possibility of Trojan horse and illegal use of code. Moreover, our devices are not connected to the Internet at all, and we don't need to connect any electronic devices, so even the top hackers have no way.
As long as you have our cold wallet source code, no matter your device is lost, damaged, or suffered from other natural disasters or force majeure, and no matter what our company will do in a hundred years, you can use the source code to generate cold wallet programs at any time and run them on your Android devices that are not connected to the Internet.
At the same time, our code is constantly updated, with the possibility of secondary development. You can add your own currency on the basis of our source code, and you can get the latest source code from our developer community.

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