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Cold Wallet: safe and easy to use

Release Time: 2021-05-13



Sallet one blockchain cold wallet is a 100% airtight offline device. It can protect your private key from online and offline attacks and is one of the most secure hardware devices on the market.
Easy to use is also a very important feature of Sallet one. It is designed for ordinary users. It is safe, advanced and easy to use. Even if you are not an expert in science and technology, you can easily use Sallet one and Sallet app to trade.
In terms of appearance, Sallet one design is very fashionable and fashionable. It also has a large screen which is more comfortable to use than similar products. You can verify transaction data on the large screen more easily without making mistakes easily.
To send bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, simply create a transaction on the Sallet app and sign it securely with Sallet one. The data between the Sallet one cryptocurrency wallet and the Sallet app can be safely transmitted offline through a verifiable QR code.

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