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The mnemonic phrase is to restore a wallet in a list of words in a specific order in which all the information needed to store the information is restored. Maintaining the privacy and security of the mnemonic phrase is the key to the long-term security of users' encrypted currency funds.

The mnemonic phrase must be stored in a safe place. Without the mnemonic, if the Sallet one device is lost, stolen or damaged, your funds cannot be recovered.

Once the malicious person has your mnemonic phrase, he will have the right to access and steal all your funds.


PIN code

A PIN (or personal identification number) is a numeric password used in the process of user authentication to the system.


Enter PIN code

Sallet one uses an original method of entering a PIN. Sallet one uses a blind matrix. Use its own touch screen. This way, entering the PIN is convenient and highly secure. Therefore, unlike the PIN entered on the PC or smartphone, the PIN entered on the Sallet one device will not be corrupted by malware.


Set PIN code

The PIN is set during the device setup process. The length of the PIN code must be at least eight digits


Change the password

The PIN can be changed in the basic settings of Sallet one Wallet



Passphrases are an optional feature of the Sallet one device, which allows users to create hidden wallets. Passphrase is the function of the second factor protection of mnemonic words, and it is the ultimate protection for mnemonic words involving physical access to equipment or attacks.


Important features

· The passphrase is not stored anywhere on the device. Use it only temporarily while you are typing.

· The passphrase implemented in the Sallet one device can be any character or character set, word or sentence no more than 50 bytes long.

· Password is case sensitive-lowercase and uppercase characters are distinguished and counted as different.

· Space (blank) is a valid character.

· Passphrase and mnemonic belong together. If you send digital assets to a wallet protected by a passphrase, neither of them can be used without either.


How do passphrases work?

When it is first initialized, the Sallet one device will generate a random number, which will be converted into a mnemonic and stored in the memory. Subsequently, whenever the device is used, it will derive a cryptocurrency wallet from a special formula.

If the user does not enter any password (default setting), "" uses an empty string. After activating this function, the system will prompt the user to enter a password, and then combine the password with the recovery seed on the device to generate a new wallet.

For you (the user), this means: Once the password function is activated on the device, you can provide any input of your choice and it will be used to generate a brand new wallet. To access this hidden wallet repeatedly, you will have to use the exact same passphrase and mnemonic phrase on your device.

Using different passphrases for the same mnemonic will generate different wallets. Using other mnemonics with the "correct" passphrase will generate another wallet.

If you use a new Sallet one device and want to access the hidden wallet, you must restore the previously used recovery seed, activate the passphrase function, and enter the exact same passphrase as before.

A wrong passphrase will result in a brand new wallet. There is no such thing as an "incorrect passphrase", so any input you provide will be used in the process of deriving a wallet.

If you enter an empty passphrase (no passphrase at all), the device will continue to operate as if the passphrase function has not been activated at all, and a wallet will be generated from the recovery seed stored on the device.


Benefits and risks of using passphrases

Just like using a PIN to protect your device, we can say that a passphrase is the second element of seed protection.


It only exists in your mind

Since the passphrase is not stored anywhere on the device, it is not affected by any attacks involving physical access and chip tampering. In addition, if someone destroys the physical copy of your recovery seed, they will still not be able to access the wallet protected by the passphrase unless they know the passphrase.

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