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Suggested safety measures

Choose a good PIN
pin is a powerful tool to keep your digital currency safe. This is an obstacle to protecting your account from lurking hands and unnecessary physical access to the device.
Enable PIN code protection and choose a unique and memorable PIN code.
Do not use simple or predictable PINs, such as "1234" or any repeated or continuous sequence of numbers.
How to store mnemonic words safely
If you don't use passphrases, the mnemonic phrase is all you need to access your digital assets. The physical security of the mnemonic phrase is much more important than the physical security of the device. If your Sallet one is stolen, it is impossible for the thief to access it without your PIN. However, if someone steals your mnemonic phrase, you can easily access your wallet assets using other devices or wallets.
If Sallet one is lost or stops working, the mnemonic phrase is the only way to retrieve the digital asset. It is important to store the mnemonic phrase in a safe place to prevent theft or physical damage (for example, in a fire or flood).
Here are some suggestions on where to store your mnemonic phrase.
Where are the mnemonic words stored 
Keep away from water and fire in a locked drawer. 
No one in the human brain can steal things from your brain 
In places where no potential thieves may enter. 
If an accident happens, somewhere your family can find
Where to leave mnemonic words 
Shared or public spaces (such as your office desk) 
Drop box 
Online anywhere 
Offline (digital) backup (eg phone calls, digital photos, etc.) 
Encrypted folder
Use the password reminder function
You can add a passphrase to your Sallet one, which allows you to protect Sallet one from any physical attack. Even if someone steals your device, messes it up, and breaks the chip to extract your recovery seed, your digital assets are still safe. The password can be any word, word sequence or any letter set (similar to a password) and will not be stored anywhere on the device.
The other side of this extreme security is that if you forget the passphrase, you may lose your digital assets forever. There is no other way to recover funds.
Get the second Sallet one device
Obtaining a spare Sallet one device is another security feature to protect your funds. If your Sallet one device or its mnemonic phrase is stolen, lost or damaged, you can always send the funds to a second Sallet one or use the mnemonic phrase for recovery.
Don't talk about how much cryptocurrency funds you have
Generally, it is best to keep the account balance confidential. Talking too much on social media and Internet forums is particularly dangerous.
For example, if you tell someone on the Internet that you own a lot of Bitcoin, some malicious parties may read the conversation. These people may then try to use multiple strategies to steal your funds-including cyber attacks and physical violence.

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