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Safety concept

Zero trust principle
The Sallet one security model is based on the principle of zero trust. The principle of zero trust states that even any part of the security system may be compromised at some point. However, even if a malicious person invades Sallet one Wallet, or your computer has been infected, Sallet one will still ensure the safety of your funds. This unique feature makes Sallet one more secure than any other storage method.
Verify and confirm
Suppose you have to pay and can only access untrusted computers. How will you verify that the payment will be sent to the right person and not a malicious third party? Infected computers can easily obscure the transaction amount or destination.
Using the Sallet oner screen, you can independently verify and actually confirm each transaction directly on the device.
Sallet one even extends the zero trust principle to those who use the device.
To protect your funds, in case someone steals your device, Salle requires you to enter the PIN every time you plug it into your computer. This extra step ensures that the person using Sallet one is actually present, and it is you.
Due to the design of the PIN input mechanism, the connected computer will never learn your password. The mechanism also makes it difficult for anyone behind you to read what you are typing.
Single-purpose computer
Sallet one is a single-purpose computer. No other features or hardware-anything that won't damage the device in your hand and the funds in your wallet. Simplicity means safety.

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