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Software Design

operating system

There are multiple layers of code to ensure the legality and safety of operations performed by the device.


Physical channel

The Sallet one device implements a variety of security measures to protect the device from unauthorized physical access.


Home screen

While adding a beautiful personal touch to your device, the home screen also has important functions. Having custom and unique pictures can help users identify the device immediately after booting it, thus becoming the first line of defense to prevent malicious third parties from replacing my device.

You need to enter a PIN code to change the main screen, and it cannot be done without it.


PIN code-protect the device

Sallet one does not have a keyboard, but even if you enter the PIN directly on the computer, it is absolutely safe. The Sallet one PIN mechanism can prevent keypress logging, so there is no risk to you even if it is used in an Internet cafe.

The PIN code is the number you set when you run Sallet one for the first time. It can prevent Sallet one from being used by unauthorized persons. We have invented a safe way to enter PIN, so it will not be keyed and abused.


Password reminder phrase-protect mnemonic phrase

Password protection is the crown jewel of Sallet one's security design. Unlike a PIN, which is completely dependent on the device and can be changed or disabled without affecting your account, the passphrase is tied to your mnemonic phrase.


Mnemonic phrase-this is your money

The mnemonic phrase is the final backup of all private keys and associated data used and protected by the device.

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