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Popular science: what is a cold purse and what are its advantages?

Bitcoin can be divided into cold wallet and hot wallet according to the storage method of private key.
Distinguish between cold wallet and hot wallet to see if they are connected to the Internet.
Specifically, the cold wallet stores your private key in the form of no Internet connection to ensure that hackers do not steal it. Computers, mobile phones and USB flash drives that are not connected to the Internet can be called cold wallets, or even buy a small book for a few yuan to manually record the private key. This book is called cold wallets. On the contrary, the hot wallet stores the private key in the form of online networking. If the operation is not careful, the probability of losing it is much higher than that of the cold wallet. Hackers steal digital assets from time to time. Of course, cold wallet is not absolutely safe. After all, who holds the private key is the owner of this digital asset.
Advantages of cold Wallet:
1. The private key does not touch the Internet to avoid being stolen by hackers
2. Some cold wallets support rich currency and are easy to operate; For example, celery wallet supports most mainstream currencies and fully supports EOS ecology.

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