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Sallet One: About Bitcoin, you need to know these things

The rapid changes in the market have made more institutions and investors look forward to it, and there is a lively scene in the market. So how much do you know about Bitcoin? Sallet One answers for you.

Analysis of the hardware wallet transmission scheme, which is the better choice?

At present, the mainstream hardware wallets on the market are divided into USB transmission, Bluetooth transmission, QR code transmission and NFC transmission. Considering security and operability, QR code transmission is a better solution.

Sallet One: Compared with other currencies, what are the characteristics of cryptocurrencies?

Encrypted currency is a virtual currency based on a node network and digital encryption algorithm. It comes from a developed algorithm and is not subject to personal control. Compared with other currencies, cryptocurrency is decentralized, anonymously encrypted, and cannot be tampered with.

Russias attitude towards cryptocurrency: swings between legal and prohibition

Sallet One cold wallet understands that Russia’s central bank and government departments have adopted completely different attitudes towards cryptocurrency. Why did this result?

Sallet One: Forecast on the development of the cryptocurrency industry in 2022

what kind of development will the cryptocurrency industry usher in in 2022? Sallet One provides you with advance forecasts.

Sallet One: How to choose a safe and cost-effective cold wallet

Looking at the current global mainstream hardware wallets with reasonable architecture, safe and reliable, the price is generally between 100-200 US dollars.

Compared with hard disk wallets, Sallet One cold wallet advantages

From web wallets, mobile wallets to hardware wallets, from hot wallets to cold wallets, with the continuous deepening of technical research and the accumulation of trial experience, the wallet system is constantly being upgraded.

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